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Stoneybrook Stable and Cub Scout Day Camp

Eastside Metro Daycamp has a unique partnership with Stoneybrook Stable. Along with the regular cool activities that Cub Scouts get to participate in at day camp, they also get a wonderful introduction to horses. At Stoneybrook – which is the location of the Eastside Metro Day Camp – there’s a full horse station. Scouts learn all about the care of horses, including grooming, health, anatomy and how to behave around the animals. There’s no riding the horse, but it’s a great introduction for when Cub Scouts sign up for the Butte Creek Scout Ranch program, which does include horse rides.

Stoneybrook is a 46-acre horse stable that offers boarding, riding, driving and plowing lessons for both horses and humans. It’s a wonderful location for one of the Cascade Pacific Council Eastside Metro day camp.

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