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Your Adventure Awaits in Scouting

Through Scouting, boys and girls have opportunities to ‘unplug’ and pursue outdoor adventures that foster skill-development and self-reliance. They can explore canoe paths and hiking trails and complete challenges they first thought were beyond their ability. Attributes of good character become part of them as they learn to cooperate to meet outdoor challenges that may include extreme weather, difficult trails and portages, and dealing with nature’s unexpected circumstances.

Learning by doing is a hallmark of outdoor education. A leader may describe and demonstrate a Scouting skill at a meeting, but the way Scouts truly learn an outdoor skill is to do it themselves on a unit outing.

Scouting uses the patrol method to teach teamwork and values. Scouts elect their own patrol leader, and they learn quickly that by working together and sharing duties, the patrol can accomplish far more than any of its members could do alone. The patrol succeeds when every member of the patrol succeeds, and Scouts learn that good teamwork is the key to success.

Health and wellness is part of the outdoor experience. As Scouts hike, paddle, climb, bike, or ride, their muscles become toned and their aerobic capacity increases. When they work as a patrol to plan menus for their outings, they learn to purchase cost-effective ingredients to prepare flavorful and nutritious meals.

Service to others and good citizenship is learned through such outdoor activities as conservation projects, collecting food, building trails and shelters, and conducting community service projects that promote healthy living. Through helping other people, Scouts learn to appreciate how they can share themselves and their blessings to those in need. By giving service to benefit others, Scouts gain a sense of personal satisfaction.

Scouting Programs for Boys & Girls

Cub Scouts

For boys & girls in grades K – 5.

The best way to find out what you do best is to do it. Throw a football. Catch a fish. Ride a bike. Set up a tent. Build a pinewood derby® car. Shoot a bow and arrow. Cub Scouting offers boys and girls the opportunity to see and learn fun, new things that can’t be found anywhere else.

Cub Scouts are at that magical age where everything is new and possible and, most important, fun. They build things. Play with purpose. Make friends and work together. The life lessons learned in Cub Scouts prepares boys and girls to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles throughout life.

Cub Scouts benefits the entire family!

  • Brings families together
  • Helps youth develop interests and skills
  • Provides outdoor adventure
  • Creates community
  • Promotes diversity
  • And More!


Scouts BSA

Troops for boys and troops for girls ages 11 – 17.

Scouts BSA Logo - WhiteScouts BSA develops confident leaders of tomorrow who are connected to nature, family and community.

All Scouts BSA members enjoy exclusive access to these benefits and more!

  • Premier adventure camps
  • Career-readiness programming
  • STEM events with industry experts
  • Beachfront and mountain rental properties (for families too!)
  • And more!

Nationally Renowned Eagle Scout Award

Scouts BSA provides the unique opportunity to earn the prestigious Eagle Scout Award – an honor widely recognized by colleges and universities, employers and community members. By earning the Eagle Scout Award, your Scout demonstrates their aptitude for leadership, organization and civic service – admirable qualities that they will undoubtedly apply throughout their lives.


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About Cascade Pacific Council
of the Boy Scouts of America

Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America (CPCBSA) serves approximately 20,000 boys and girls in NW Oregon and SW Washington through exceptional programming that gets youth to “go play outdoors.” From summer camps to S.T.E.M. workshops, out inclusive programs grow leaders of tomorrow who are connected to nature, family and community. Designed for families with children ages 5-20, our programs encourage family participation in activities including summer outdoor adventure camps located on the Oregon coast and Cascade mountains, year-round experiential learning events and civic service.