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Welcome to Butte Creek Scout Ranch

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Cub Scout camp for boys and girls ages 6 – 10 years old | Scotts Mills, Oregon

Butte Creek Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA
Every child gets a chance to ride a horse at Butte Creek.

Fun with Horses

Try horseback riding and interacting with the Butte Creek herd of horses. Horseback riding is a featured activity at Butte Creek and a fun, safe and engaging part of the ranch.

Butte Creek Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA
Panhandling for gold at Butte Creek.

Old West Adventure

Butte Creek is constructed just like a town in the Old West featuring a Main Street, cowboys and lots of animals. And to add to the experience, your mail is delivered to camp each day by the Pony Express.

Butte Creek Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA
Butte Creek is designed as an Old West town.

Hootenanny Party

Participate in the “hootenanny,” a party on Main Street featuring games, a moseying contest and includes a special visit from Butte Creek’s very own sheriff. Enjoy a weekly Street Show for the entire family that’s a walk through the history of the American West.

What’s New at Butte Creek!

  • Butte Creek Scout Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA

    Cowboy Up Program at Butte Creek Scout Ranch

    INTRODUCING COWBOY UP! Butte Creek's program went through a substantial change this past year to ensure that Cub Scouts of every level have a challenging and fresh experience each summer. Rather than splitting up [...]

Staff was great and kept an overwhelmed camper calm. Their energy was super and welcoming.

Jenny, Pack 4, Cascade Pacific Council - Oregon

All the staffers were enthusiastic and made the stations fun. Best food we have ever seen/tasted at a Scout camp.

Iris Cox, Pack 739, Cascade Pacific Council - Oregon

Butte Creek Activities

Butte Creek Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA

Horseback Riding

Butte Creek is home to an impressive herd of horses. Scouts will interact with horses with guidance from our skilled wranglers. They will participate in horsemanship activities including grooming, leading, roping and riding horses. Every scout will have the opportunity to ride a horse.

Help feed the animals in the morning. Before breakfast, Scouts and adults will have the opportunity to feed the many animals that live at the ranch.

Camp Clark - Cascade Pacific Council BSA

BB Gun and Archery Ranges

Scouts can hone their skills and prove their accuracy on our BSA BB Gun and Archery ranges. Safety is a top priority and Scouts will learn safety techniques and protocols while having fun shooting and testing their accuracy skills.

Butte Creek Ranch - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA


Butte Creek is a true Old-West ranch and Scouts will get a taste of what life was like on the frontier. They will a chance to learn about cooking, cleaning, gardening, and animal stewardship.

On the second night of camp is our Street Show, a famous tradition at Butte Creek that provides campers with an entertaining walk through the history of the American West.

Camp Clark - Cascade Pacific Council BSA

Outdoor Fun

It wouldn’t be a BSA camp without outdoor fun. At Butte Creek, Scouts can go fishing at our fishing pond. Staff is on hand to instruct Scouts on fishing techniques. All fishing materials will be provided.  Butte Creek also features a Geology program. Scouts pan for gold while learning about rock formations and they can exchange any gold found at the Trading Post.

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Planning for Camp

2020 Butte Creek Sessions

Session 1: June 27 – 30

Session 2: July 1 – 4

Session 3: July 8 – 11

Session 4: July 11 – 14

Session 5: July 15 – 18

Session 6: July 18 – 21

Session 7: July 22 – 25

Session 8: July 25 – 28

Session 9: July 29 – Aug. 1

Session 10: Aug. 1 – 4

Session 11: Aug. 5 – 8

Session 12: Aug. 8 – 11

Session 13: Aug. 12 – 15

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2020 Prices

Fees for 2020 per 3-night session:

$256 per Scout

Adult Pricing: The cost for a 3-night session is $75 per adult.

Price includes meals, activities, materials and sleeping facilities.


Meals are served family style to harken back to the Old West traditions of community and closeness. Each pack will be assigned tables in the dining hall according to their number of scouts and adults.

Bathroom and shower facilities include flush toilets and a shower house on Main Street. Throughout the rest of the camp, we use outhouses with pit toilets.

Campsites are provided. You will share a site with one or more other packs. Sites include canvas tents on wooden platforms, and, in some campsites, “mini-dacks” (tent-sized wooden cabins for two).

Already Registered for Camp?

Now that you’re registered for camp and looking forward to your summer scouting adventure, we’ve put together helpful resources to make planning for camp a lot smoother. Check out the Camp Resources section for maps, planning guides, meal plans, forms as well as camp policies and frequently asked questions.

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Want to Reserve this Camp for a Weekend?

You totally can. Our camps are available for reservation by groups between September and May (weather/staff dependent). Learn more about renting our properties for your Scouting unit or private group.

Property Rental Information

Butte Creek Scout Ranch

13462 S. Butte Creek Rd.
Scott Mills, OR 97375

To send mail to a Scout at camp:
{Scouts first and last name} {Troop #}
Butte Creek Scout Ranch, (session dates)
13462 S. Butte Creek Rd.
Scott Mills, OR 97375

Nationally Accredited Camp

This camp is nationally accredited by the Boy Scouts of America through its National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP). This program helps councils elevate camps to new levels of excellence. Each camp is reviewed based on rigorous standards. The goal is to 1) ensure that each camper and leader has a fun, high-quality program consistent with BSA brand; and 2) ensure the health, safety and well-being of every camper, leader, visitor and staff member while participating in a BSA accredited camp.