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Pre-Camp Leader Meetings

Each unit is encouraged to send at least one adult to one of the pre-camp leader meetings. These meetings are an invaluable opportunity to get late-breaking camp information, and to meet face-to-face with your camp director for questions and answers.

We understand not everyone can attend one of our pre-camp meetings. In-person is always best to view and ask questions, but we’ve posted recordings here for your convenience.

This is what you can expect to hear at each meeting:

  • General Seminar Meeting: Critical for key information about new policies, procedures and best practices to have a great adventure.
  • Leader Roster Tutorial: A guide as to how to print a Leader Roster from that will show registered and Youth Protection Training statuses. This is required for the new 72 hour rule at resident camps.
  • Camp Specific Sessions: Each specific camp team will review specific information to know for your upcoming camp session.

How to download your unit roster for camp check-in:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting – Camp Baldwin

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting – Butte Creek Scout Ranch

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting – Camp Clark

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting – Camp Meriwether

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting – Camp Pioneer

Coming Soon.