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Camp Policies

Reference current Cascade Pacific Council policies pertaining to payment processing, camping, property reservations and more!

Age Requirements & Safety Policies at Camp

Cascade Pacific Council’s camp properties have varying age restrictions and safety policies to help ensure Cub Scout program activities are appropriate for the target age group. Cub Scout packs should reference the camp’s age and safety policies before planning a trip.

  Property   Approved for Cub Scout Camping
  Abrey Watzek Lodge   Yes, Day Only
  Baldwin   No
  Butte Creek Scout Ranch   Yes
  Clark   Yes
  Cooper   No
  Ireland   Yes, Day Only
  Lewis   Yes
  Meriwether   Yes
  Nanitch Lodge   No
  Pioneer   No
  Royce-Finel   No

Every pack’s annual plan should include outings in addition to day camp or resident camp. Young Scouts have a great desire for outdoor fun, excitement, and adventure and these experiences encourage them to spend quality time with family and friends. Meets the goals of the Cub Scout program by offering outdoor activities that are appropriate for the target age group. One member from each pack must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation to participate in pack camping.

View these policies before making a reservation and contact Jeanette Leach at jeanette.leach@scouting.org if you have any questions.

Age Restrictions at Camp

Health & Safety Guide

Camp Payment and Refund Policy (including NYLT)

Payment Schedule:

Cascade Pacific Council follows the following payment schedule for all camp fees:

  1. A deposit of $10 per Scout is paid to secure a reservation.
  2. A family commitment payment of $65 ($15 for Day Camp) per scout is made by March 1st to continue to hold the reservation. Units that do not make this payment risk losing their reservation.
  3. To qualify for the Early Bird incentive, pay the balance of youth camp fees by May 1st. If not taking advantage of the incentive, the balance must be paid in full by June 1st.

Refund Policy for Cancellations and No-Shows:

Planning and purchasing camp reservations happens long before camp begins.  Consequently, the need for refunds does arise from time-to-time and refunds are therefore made as follows:

  • Cancellations on or before May 1st: all fees paid are transferable within the reservation. If the entire unit reservation is cancelled, the $10.00 deposit per Scout is forfeited.
  • Cancellations between May 1st and two weeks prior to camp: a refund of all fees paid, less $75.00 per Scout ($25.00 for day camps), is made.
  • Within two weeks of camp, no refunds are made unless the Scout in question finds himself in one of these circumstances:
    • The Scout’s family moves out of council due to an unforeseen situation.
    • There is a death or serious illness in the Scout’s immediate family requiring his attendance.
    • The Scout personally becomes ill and unable to attend camp.  Last minute cancellations due to chronic conditions may not meet the criteria of becoming ill.

If a refund is granted, the initial deposit and commitment payment will be forfeited (a total of $75 for resident camp or $25 for day camp) for that Scout.

Off Season Horse Rides

Payment is due in full at time of reservation.

No refunds can be made within two weeks of your scheduled riding day.  If cancelling more than two weeks in advance of your reservation, Cascade Pacific Council will refund up to 50% of the fee.

Reservation stimulate the rate and the cost of shoeing the horses, veterinarian rotations, training schedules and volunteer wranglers.

Parent & Scout Events (Mom & Me, Dad & Me, Parent & Pal etc.)

Payment for parent and Scout events are due in full at time of reservation.

Reservations are Nonrefundable.

Short Term Property Reservations (Off Season Reservations)

Payments for short term property rentals are due in full at time of reservation.

A full refund may be granted only when requested at time of cancellation at least two weeks prior to the event. Refunds cannot be made if cancellation occurs within two weeks of your reservation.

Winter Lodge Reservations

Payment for Winter Lodge reservations is due in full at time of reservation.

No refunds will be made. The ONLY exception is when ODOT closes the highway. Weather conditions are not reason for refund.

General Event Policy

Payments are handled according to each individual event. If a payment policy is not clear, please contact Cascade Pacific Council.

Event refunds are handled according to the refund policy of each individual event; if no specific policy is stated in the event guidebook or within the online event description, the overriding policy is that refunds of up to 80% may be granted only when requested at time of cancellation at least two weeks prior to the event, and that any refund of $5 or less will be considered a donation.

Scouts BSA Camp Lodging Policy

The Cascade Pacific Council will adhere to the following policy regarding lodging for girls and boys at our camps for the summer of 2019.

CPC will accommodate linked Scouts BSA troops who wish to share resources by staying in the same campsite. All units attending camps should understand that the constraints of our facilities, needs of other units, and the capacity of our staff may result in needed dialogue and compromise.  We look forward to providing our Scouts and Scout leaders a quality summer camp experience and will do our best to meet the needs of each unit attending our camps.

Lost and Found Policy

Each year at our camps and various events, things are left behind.  The Cascade Pacific Council has volunteers who manage these items.  When possible, we try to contact the units or individuals who we have identified as owners of missing items.  All unclaimed items will be donated after 45 days of receiving them.

If you have any questions or are missing an item, please email or call membership services (492.Volunteerservices@scouting.org; 503-225-5759) with the following information:

  1. Event Date and Location
  2. Description of item(s)
  3. Phone and email for contact

Domestic Animal Policy

(Updated 6/2019) Significant liability risks, sanitation, and negative interactions with wildlife, along with the allergies or phobias of other campers all generally make Scout camp an inappropriate place for domestic animals. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by Council Headquarters using the Special Needs form and accompanied by documentation describing the specialized tasks the animal has been specifically trained to do.

Pets: No participants or visitors may bring pets of any kind to camp, including dogs of any size, leashed or not. On occasion and with prearranged permission from the council office, permanent or resident staff may be allowed to have their pet confined to non-program areas and otherwise leashed.

 Service Animals are dogs, miniature horses, and pigs trained to do specific tasks that their owners cannot do for themselves. When service animals are allowed, they must always remain leashed and wear identifying gear. Unless necessary, they will not be allowed in food preparation or serving areas. Their sanitation must be provided by the owner or troop.

 Support Animals and Therapy Animals: “A “comfort” or “emotional support” animal, or one that provides aid without performing a specific task or duty, means that it does not meet the definition of service animal. If the animal is not individually trained to do work or perform a task, it is considered a pet under the ADA. Obedience training alone is not a sufficient qualification to make a service animal.” (Disability Rights Oregon, 2019). To ensure the safety of campers and staff, in all but the most extreme circumstances even with documentation, and then only with pre-approval, support, comfort, and therapy animals will not be allowed in camp.

Ref: https://droregon.org/topics/service-animals/