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Welcome to the Cascade Pacific Council BSA Camps located in the beautiful outdoors of Oregon and SW Washington. Whether you want to dive into the Pacific Ocean or ride horses in the Cascade Mountain range, our Scout camps ensure a high-adventure outdoor experience. We have three Scout resident camps, two Cub Scout resident camps and a variety of day camps that offer unique outdoor programming during the summer. But the outdoor camp adventure doesn’t end in September, we offer year-round programming at our various camp properties. Explore camp options and join us for your Pacific Northwest outdoor adventure.

What’s new at our camps?

Ready to try land sailing?

Land sailing at Camp Meriwether is ready to go for this summer. Are you ready to experience the Oregon coast from another angle? This is now a featured program at the camp, and another [...]

  • Camp Meriwether - Blacksmith Forge Area

Forge Area Enhanced at Camp Meriwether

Ever wanted to try your skills at blacksmithing? Now you can at our enhanced and much larger propane-based forges at Camp Meriwether. This enlarged forge area will offer age-appropriate, safe craftsmanship in the art of [...]

  • Land Sails - Camp Meriwether, Cascade Pacific Council, BSA

Land Sails Arrive at Camp Meriwether

The newest adventure activity has arrived at Camp Meriwether. The Land Sails were assembled and prepped for use this past weekend. They will be ready for Scouts to use this summer and maybe even sooner [...]

  • Stoneybrook Stable - Cascade Pacific Council, BSA

Stoneybrook Stable and Cub Scout Day Camp

Eastside Metro Daycamp has a unique partnership with Stoneybrook Stable. Along with the regular cool activities that Cub Scouts get to participate in at day camp, they also get a wonderful introduction to horses. [...]

Upcoming events at our camps

Beyond the summer, our camps host incredible programs and events year round. Check out our upcoming events and join us at camp!

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